$33 USD | Energetic Alignment + Chakra Love with Kyla Gagnon

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Energetic Alignment + Chakra Love w/ Kyla

Energetic Alignment + Chakra Love

Learn what the chakra system is, how it can be misaligned and realigned through intention, mantra, essential oils, visualization, and movement. 

This workshop includes all of it! Kyla will supply you each with a list of essential oils you can use in the workshop if you are an oil user (for those who are not, but are interested in this event can discuss other options with Kyla ahead of time!). 

You will learn how the chakras function when both balanced and out of balance. Kyla will lead you through a chakra aligning mantra meditation as well as a chakra balancing yoga flow. 

This workshops is about slowing down and coming home to yourself. 

Find peace and balance in the body once again and be renewed. 



Investment: $33 USD

Date: February 6

Time: 10:00am PST

Duration: 1.5 hours