$111 USD | Working with Plant + Fungi Allies with Brittney Clements

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Working with Plant + Fungi Allies with Brittney Clements

Working with Plant + Fungi Allies : Infusions + Decoctions + Tinctures + Glycerite 

**Must register by November 7 - please send your mailing address to: [email protected] to receive ingredients for workshop

Nature heals us. It has an incredible ability to bring us back into connection with ourselves, with our community, with our environment, and with the Earth. Many of the fundamental elements of “dis-ease” one can witness in the world can be directly traced back to humans divorce with nature. 

However, In reality you have never really been “disconnected” from nature, because you are Nature. You have just simply forgotten perhaps. A collective forgetting, maybe.

Everything you interact with; you are in a relationship with. Join me for a introductory exploration in remembering, rebuilding, and deepening relationships. First, by connecting to plants and fungi as food and as medicine while forming allyship! 

In this workshop we will explore through meditation, discussion, and journaling, how to connect to the natural world not only to the material, but on an energetic and spiritual level. We will practice connecting to the individual Spirit of each plant of fungi and learn how to receive the wisdom being offered. Then, we will dive into different ways of extracting! This workshop will be theory and practice. You will learn:

  • How to connect to your inner guidance and intuition
  • How to connect to the energy of plants and fungi 
  • History and theory of plant and fungi medicine 
  • How to make: infusions, decoctions, tinctures and glycerites and when to apply each preparation. 

**All herbs, tincture bottles, and essential ingredients will be provided


Investment: $111 USD

Date: December 12

**Must register by November 7 - please send your mailing address to: [email protected] to receive ingredients for workshop

Time: 1pm PST | 2 hours