N I C O L E  

I am a self-proclaimed mermaid. The ocean inspires, motivates and nourishes me. She is my constant companion and teacher. When I surf, the world falls away and I am in the moment, in that space in between movement and stillness. It is when I am the most present. In life and in my practice I strive towards this balance. I teach movement, make films, surf, advocate for individuals going through Cancer and hang out with my neighbours dogs. It is a full life and I am grateful to share some of it with you.



Movement Medicine

I love to move and I am grateful to Daily Ritual for this online space that has created a community connecting teachers and students from all over the world. I teach a 30 minute WATER class on Daily Ritual which is accessible for all levels. We focus on connecting to the body through movement and breath while exploring the engagement of the front and back body to use it as a whole. I usually have a focus for each class, but always offer variations that allow the individuals to simplify or increase the level or quality of the movements.


In my private Karma teaching I work with two students with mobility issues that continue to challenge and inspire me to find new ways to adapt and teach them to move in ways that strengthen, encourage mobility and support them in their bodies.

My Teaching Schedule


Saturday 7am PST | 10am EST


I leave class feeling more centered, light and relaxed, with more ease in my body. Thankful to Nicole and Daily Ritual to learn bowspring inspired movement! I am rewiring my body and getting stronger 💕


-Gillian Austin, Halifax, NS

J O U R N E Y  O F  A  M E R M A I D

My film making website offers a few more ocean inspirations (books, podcast, and quotes) as well as some amazing ocean artists / artisans that I love.


Join me for your first class free!

I teach on Satuday at 7am Pacific Time | 10am Eastern

I look forward to moving and connecting with you.

Yes Please!

The cure for anything is salt water; tears, sweat, or the sea.

- Isak Dinesen