The Primary Practice uses: micro movements + micro-to-macro engagements, alignment, form, structure, evolutionary patterns. This is appropriate for people new to this community, those who want to focus on the details, and solidify their foundation. This is where we begin, this is where we check in: this is the INITIATION.

Work with our evolutionary movement sequence, technical alignment sequence, and flow sequence to learn the foundational body movements and techniques. 

Level one: embodied form for expansion. This is where we begin to start integrating basic principles into more intuitive expressions, find our pulse within our form, connect our mind to body, and find intelligent engagements. This is for students who feel they have a solid embodiment of the primary practice who are looking to ACTIVATE and integrate through a more fluid offering.

Building off of foundational concepts, explore more free flowing sequences with integrity and strength. 

This is for intermediate to advanced students who feel confident in their practice.
This space moves form into the formless, informed movement birthed from flow state.
We work with more intricate + dynamic movement patterns, testing boundaries, and move into expansive expressions of strength and form.
This class moves with informed integrity, strength, and intention- utilizing embodied concepts to move in a grounded, secure, and open way. Playing with expanded shapes, longer holds, and increased depth.

This class is about inviting your inner animal out to play! Primal, playful, groundwork, rolling, cartwheels, and a martial art influence. This class will be exploring our most basic and fundamental movement patterns and working to find more ease and grace through transitions. 

In this offering we will focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation. A class of therapeutics, specific range training, control, refinement, articulation, remediation. Bring your "stuff" and let's work it out! This is also a class to workshop, learn, and integrate healing practices into your daily life. 

Slow, Sensual, Weighted. This is a lightly structured class where we play with the density of gravity, rolling, stretching, organic expansions, moving with sensitivity, breath, and intimate awareness. This is less alignment and engaged integrity, and more allowing, releasing, sensing, and feeling.

This will be a meditative journey- beginning with the breath and ending with a somatic exploration of the mind and body. 

Conscious connected breathing is the most potent medicine we have to heal ourselves: physically, mentally, emotionally, and vibrationally. By inviting the breath back into its natural rhythm, we lift stagnant, blocked, and held energy to be integrated, moved, and released. This gentle + power breath practice will leave you feeling enlightened, grounded, and with a deeper understanding of your Self on all planes. 

We are inviting in more connection, friendship, and love into this community.
Join us at the beginning of each month to say hi, breathe, drop into a little bit of fun movement, and set some good intentions for the month ahead.

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At Daily Ritual, we want our movers to begin with a strong foundation so that their body feels amazing on and off the mat. 

Because the body is beautifully intricate and the information takes time, care, and attention to integrate- we have designed a 6 week foundational program for new students to enter through. 

This 6 week program guides students to learn the language of their bodies through our natural postural template. 

After 6 weeks of foundational classes, learning sequences, new ways of understanding and moving your body, we welcome you into our main community space where you are free to choose any of our classes and expand your practice.

Our intention is to make sure that you FEEL GOOD while moving and to alleviate any chances of you hurting yourself while trying to incorporate new concepts into your body-mind. 

We run this program every 8 weeks. 6 weeks on, two weeks off, and repeat! 

If you want to move with the medicine of the practice- sign up here for our next enrollment. 

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