a conscious connected breathwork experience

I can't wait to breathe with you- Love Kyla

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Come with your whole self, all of you.

I will be guiding you into a beautiful nourishing exploratory breathwork session followed by some journaling and sharing.

Within these journeys we are gifted the opportunity to connect with parts of us that have perhaps gone unseen for a while, parts that may require tending too, may require some nourishment... and so we offer ourselves just this. 

In these sessions we take the position of witness by stepping out of the drivers seat and inviting the innate wisdom of the breath and of the body to merge.

These offerings are 90 minutes and it is recommended to have space afterward to integrate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kyla helps humans reconnect with, nourish, heal and fall in love with their most authentic selves through Embodiment and Breathwork.

Ky has spent the last 16 years working inside the health and wellness space as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, and has fully shifted her attention away from fitness and into the depths of nourishing the spiritual and energetic body through somatic exploration, embodiment practices and conscious connected breathwork ( Numa Somatics)…. “ It feels good to be home” - Kyla

Kyla lives in Victoria BC with her love and her fur baby, where the three of them plan the great escape to the depths of the forest where they will build their dream home. You can find her most often with a delicious oat latte in hand and typically planning her next retreat or adventure.

I Invite You To Breathe With Me