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The breath: your most potent and profound teacher, healer, and guide- the one who is always with you... who will always lead you back home to yourself. 

To be real... Breathwork is my most challenging practice. It is the one practice that I resist the most and simultaneously know that I need it the most. It is my highest medicine.

To breathe is to feel... 

To reconnect to your body, mind, heart, and soul

The breath- knows.

I know- that it is the sheer power of the breath that is both terrifying and exhilarating- the thing that keeps me committed... the thing that keeps me coming back.



Maybe you are looking to heal past trauma, hurt, and ailment- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or otherwise

Maybe you are looking to call back the fragments and disoriented parts of yourself that you have lost or disowned...

Maybe you are experiencing consistent patterns and habits that continue to repeat... Maybe it's not that fun...

Maybe these patterns, habits and programming stem from blocked or stagnant energy...

Maybe you want to detox your body or find more resilience... 

Maybe there is deeper healing that you might find through your breath... 

Maybe you are seeking higher connections to yourself, to Source, to Consciousness...

Maybe you want to space travel or have psychedelic experiences... 

Or maybe you just need to ground more intimately into your felt-sense experience of being in your body

Maybe you want to regulate your nervous system... Or manage your monkey mind in some way...

Whatever you are looking to find... Chances are high- the breath is your answer. 

The breath is here for you. 


conscious breathing with elisha

So... Shall we explore... See what the breath holds in store? 

Of course- the most valuable offering the breath gifts us is our presence... And what a gift it is to be here now. 

In gratitude- I can't wait to breathe with you. 

Conscious Breathing with Elisha

  • 1.5 hours
  • Conscious Connected Breathwork
  • Integration + Sharing
  • Online via Zoom

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