creating sacred virtual space through the magic of synchronized breath in practice and presence


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welcome to the b r e a t h  c l u b

Take a deep inhale... And a deep exhale. 

You are here. In this space. In this now. Where nothing else matters but the presence and sanctity of your breath.

right here + right now

b r e a t h e


The breath is our source movement- that which moves us automatically and consistently.

Focus on the breath leads you back to this place: here and now. The only point of power. 

Inhale + exhale; expansion + contraction; breath is the embodiment of harmonious right relationship. 

Attuning intimately to understanding the body, breath is the path of regulation, detoxification, and increased lifeforce. 

To heal is to bring back to wholeness, but we posit that you have never not been whole. We invite you to remember. 

Breath is the bridge between the unconscious parts of Self to our higher Self: our pathway to connection to Source. 


Hello. My name is Aya, and the central focus of my life is moving, breathing, and meditating. It's something we are all always doing anyway, so I do my best to do it mindfully, creatively, with love, and to be constantly learning and improving. Whether it's yoga, qigong, breathwork, dance, or martial arts...I'm all in! And I love to inspire others with my passion because there is great healing and empowerment in moving and breathing consciously, and I know it helps everyone when we help ourselves.


Breath is life. It is the first movement and the last movement, and it undulates every movement in between. Breath is sacred and so highly intelligent that it does not require your awareness to breathe you. Conscious awareness of the breath will guide you back to your truest truths. Self and Now. I am a devotee to the breath and inspired to support others in finding this steady point of Nowness through breath. We will move intuitively into breathwork and allow the breath to serve as the ultimate guide.


We are oneā™¾
Blessings curious breathers! My human is named Mason and through my souls’ awakening, I have chosen to be a devotee to the most powerful forces “known” to man; love and the breath; one in the same. No matter the question, love is the answer. And through the tokens of vulnerability and curiosity I would love to share creative and healing energies with you to guide you back to your power and magic, through the breath. Join us in this community of life force energy! Aho


Very simply, breath is life. The capacity to which we breathe is the capacity to which we live. It is my highest offering to guide myself and those who come into my circle to remember their vital power in presence, receptivity, and wholeness. The breath is our greatest teacher- illuminating the path of reciprocity, balance, and harmony. Let's breathe together to activate our lightbody, to lighten our hearts, and to remember the true nature of our divinity. It is my greatest honour to guide you back home to yourself. 

our breath membership includes:

  • a growing collection of pre-recorded breath and meditation offerings
  • all regular schedule weekly live classes (30-45 minute offerings on a set schedule- 4 classes per week!)
  • extended conscious connected breathwork pop up offerings (1.5 hour offerings)
  • community space: a place to share playlists, information, and contemplations... And to connect to your breath friends!


drop in for live classes is available - see below!

$15 USD / Drop In

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choose from the live schedule- there are 4 live offerings per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday).  The link will be sent to your email. 

live schedule begins in June 13, 2022

*extended conscious connected breathwork offerings will happen as pop up offerings... We will let you know how to register via email for these events! 

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This will lift to $44 in September.

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enjoy unlimited access to all live breath classes + a growing collection of pre-recorded breath classes from our lovely breath guides + a breath community space with lots of love and resources.

each of us will be teaching one regular class per week! 

*extended conscious connected breathwork offerings will happen as pop up offerings 

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