OCTOBER: detours, flexibility, flow, and letting go... AND the BREATH!

Big blessings + welcoming in the cool air of October! 

I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. Here- we are transitioning into fall- shorter days and cooler temperatures are moving in. It is a beautiful time of year- the trees are offering their most potent lessons- those of transformation- a certain right of passage- and that of letting go. 

This time of year we are graced with the polarity of harvest abundance and the beginnings of decay and death... We are beginning to wrap ourselves inward to see what has grown, evolved, and now- perhaps ready to retire. 

The fall season- where the leaves honour us with their spectacle of colour- we are reminded that transitions, transformation, letting go, and even death- can be graceful and even beautiful. 

October holds an energy of transition, detours, and moving with flexibility, flow, and our highest lessons of letting go. 

Perhaps, we can all lean into receiving what is truly meant for us by embracing the potency of...

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