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Conscious Connected Breathwork, Explained

If you are looking for a scientific and spiritual practice to help you regulate your nervous system and enter altered states of consciousness without the use of drugs, then conscious connected breathwork (CCB) may be for you.


The International Breathwork Foundation defines conscious connected breathwork as a breathing technique where you connect the inhale with the exhale, with no pauses. teacher Elisha Jane puts it this way: “Conscious Connected Breathwork is a practice of returning to our natural, connected, and flowing breath. CCB is a three part breathwork practice including: full, vibrant, active inhales, followed by surrendered, soft, “let go” exhales, connecting the inhale and exhale with no pause, and remaining conscious with the breath and present in the body the entire time.”  


Conscious Connected Breathwork is a gentle, psychotherapeutic process practice that can help you unveil and lift unprocessed emotion...

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