What Is Primal Movement and How Can It Help You?

Here at DailyRitual.live, we offer several levels of online, interactive primal movement classes. When we refer to primal movement, we mean classes that go beyond traditional yoga, to incorporate Bowspring, Budokon, martial arts, functional movement, and more. Primal movement helps maintain the natural curves of the spine and balances your body with holistic and engaged movement. And by using the inclusive name of primal movement, we can remain open, unique, expansive, creative, and free.  


In primal movement classes, we:


  • Bring the fun of rocking, rolling, squatting, bouncing, and crawling into your fitness routine
  • Provide lesson plans for all ages and abilities
  • Help you find solutions to your movement challenges
  • Teach you to move in functional and supported ways


Whether you’re looking for a new fitness routine, to improve balance and posture, to improve flexibility or just want to try something new, primal movement may be just the thing. We are online and interactive, and work with clients from all over the world.


Bowspring is a functional, ergonomic, athletic, and therapeutic practice that aims to maintain your spinal curves and create more balanced harmony within the whole body. It helps to address modern day postural imbalances (such as the C-curve from increased slouching and sitting posture) due to technological advances. It is an evolution of modern postural yoga, with poses and posturing based on uniform muscular tone and fascial directionality.


Desi Springer developed this method, which incorporates precise, mindful movements in set sequences of dynamic postures with therapeutic breathing exercises. It is exercise for your mind and body.


The Bowspring method promotes the natural curves of your body, particularly in the geometric relationship between your heart, hips, and head: The moves and poses may feel unnatural at first, but trust us, this is how your body is meant to move. You will learn about the postural S-curve, rather than the C-curve most of our bodies assume while sitting at a desk or sitting on the couch watching Netflix. The S-curve is your friend.  


Bowspring has many benefits, including:


  • Strengthens the muscles of your body
  • Realigns your spine
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Increases your overall flexibility and agility
  • Improves your joint and bone health
  • Improves focus


If you are used to traditional yoga, Bowspring may throw you for a loop. Many of the movements may seem counterintuitive to what you are used to. But if you keep an open mind, you’ll get the hang of it, and feel better mentally and physically, too! 


We also incorporate Budokon yoga into our primal movement classes. Budokon is also more than traditional yoga. Roughly translated, Budokon means “The way of the warrior spirit.” This movement system brings together yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, meditation, and animal locomotion, or primal movement. It requires strength, persistence, mobility, and playfulness.


Cameron Shayne developed the Budokon system in 2001. Most people consider him to be the father of the mixed-movement art culture. 


Budokon has many benefits as well, including:


  • Higher level of mobility
  • Increased athletic strength
  • Increased upper body strength
  • A stronger core
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Better focus


Mimicking the postural forms of a gorilla, monkey, lion, and other animals requires you to hold your body weight, which in turn builds strength in the arms, shoulders, chest, back, and core. Make no mistake, Budokon offers a full body workout.

Is a Primal Movement Class Right for You?

Well, you’ll never know until you try. If you’re looking for a new and different workout that will challenge you and make you stronger mentally and physically, consider taking a class or two to get a feel for it. Most of our clients find that they love the primal movement classes. You will learn a lot about how your body works, uncover your weaknesses, and improve upon your strengths.


Be prepared to use a yoga mat, the wall, and maybe even a table in some classes. From the comfort of your own home or office, bring DailyRitual.live into your life to experience the wonders of primal movement.

Sign Up for a Primal Movement Class

Several of our teachers have extensive experience in primal movement and conducting classes for people of all ages and abilities. We are on a collective mission of getting back to our roots, our primal origins, and honoring the knowledge that it all comes down to space; how we explore it, occupy it, move through it. Private instruction is also available to you, anywhere in the world you may be.


If you have any questions you need answered before signing up for a class, please feel free to contact us, and someone will get back to you promptly.