We Are One: A love story of unity consciousness, connection, and potential.

We Are One

A love story of unity consciousness, connection, and potential.


There is a story that says- we are sourcing from one, a reflection, a fragment, a piece of one truth, one whole. 

This story says: unity is the only place we come from, and the only place we go.

Through this conscious stream of connection and perception- we experience multiple dimensions of reality. Our mind-consciousness creates our thoughts… Which begin to create waves. These waves generate a vibration, a sound which manifests into our experience of time and space. 


Mind blown?

Isn’t it completely crazy that we actually create our reality through the power and potential of our thoughts- and we are each fragments of one- experiencing and perceiving reality through different lenses… All feeling and sensing different realities, but ultimately, all just one.


This story gives me hope. 

This story shows me a higher path of compassion, love, and empathy. This path creates connection, understanding, and- the truth of unity.

The truth that we are one. 

When you find this truth in your heart, it becomes impossible to judge or hate others because you realize- What I do to you, I do to me. As we are all merely reflections of each other, we are one and the same. 

This story also ignites a powerful hope within me, the potential that lives within each of us to create as the powerful generators we are… To bring our hearts together and move toward more peace and love. 

Our potential is infinite. Expansive webs of consciousness that weave and spiral beyond space and time. And if we only realized- it’s all in our mind. 


A love story, of our potential. Of our connection. Of our oneness. 


We are magical, powerful beings, capable of anything we decide.

Do you believe in the power of yourself?

Do you believe in the truth of unity?


Love Elisha