The Ritual Of Creating Nature Mandalas

Nature Mandalas


We are moving into a new energy. An energy that holds us all connected, thriving, and living from the heart for the goodness of all. This new energy promotes a win-win living system. It works with collaboration, unity, harmony, connection, and care for all beings. We are moving into a higher vibration, and it sources from Love. 

Mandala comes from the Sanskrit meaning “circle.” The circle holds the meaning of totality, wholeness, perfection, eternity, and timelessness. It is a sacred container, teaching the nature of cyclic movement and infinite capacity. It represents the space within and the vast, uncontained space without. 

Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity, harmony, and peace. 

When we create these special nature mandalas: we tap into our personal, intuitive inspiration. The act of creating these mandalas taps us into this special energy that radiates love and intention from the center of our being. 

It is the act of creating round, symmetrical images that is beneficial from a healing perspective. Creating mandalas taps you into mindfulness, more focus, and energetic healing. The mandala represents the wholeness and continuity of the Universe. When we create these circles we reveal truths from the cosmos and from within ourselves. Creating nature mandalas cultivates a deep awareness of unity consciousness; we are one and divinely connected. It is a sacred act of love, connection, and respect. 

We honor the earth, the beauty, the interconnectedness of all. When we create from our heart, we raise our vibration and feel more centered within ourselves. It is a blissful and sacred ritual, one that brings more light, mindfulness, and harmony into life.  

It’s sacred, it’s divine, it’s a deep honoring of the Earth.

To raise your vibration

To create connection between all parts of our living ecosystem

To appreciate

To show gratitude

To see the beauty in all

To gather

To be inspired

To create

To unite

To love

To make art

And to celebrate nature

To know that we are nature.



We are one. This is the highest truth.


Create your own nature mandala. 

Walk about your front or back yard, go to the beach or into the forest... Look for anything that would work to create a beautiful circle. 

Notice how as you collect for this project, you become so calm, peaceful, and focused. 

Start with a center... And build outward. Or create a container, and fill inward. Allow yourself to use your own creative and inspired knowing to create a perfect masterpiece. There is no way it wont be absolutely stunning. It is impossible. Nature is perfect, just like you. 

It is the most amazing practice I know for tapping into a higher vibration. It is magical. 


Love Elisha