Spring Blooms by Hajer

Sometimes the moments are just too sweet.

With this, mindfulness comes into play: Create. Dream. Love.

I find solace in film photography. It is an art form that brings me closer to nature and to my roots.

The grain within the images allows for a detailed view behind the lens… Nature and fractals are my favourite.

Over the next few weeks, I will be highlighting some of these captures and giving some interesting biological insight as to why these moments captured my spirit.

Look forward to lots of rainbows and wildness. My hope is to to brighten the day! All the best kitty kats. Meow meow meow!



The forest holds so much magic. Though there is so much darkness within the canopy, sometimes the light shines in long enough to allow the smallest ones to grow.

This photo was taken in Gowland Todd park and shows fractalized fiddleheads starting their life journey. Fiddleheads are baby ferns, which are one of the oldest plants known to Earth. These spiral beauties are grounding and special- they’ve conquered this planet for millions of years and still thrive today.

Magnolia blooms- raw, real & radiant.

These flowers burst after the cherry blossoms in Victoria, B.C. although their scent isn’t too strong, their beauty can be seen from miles away. Gorgeous reminders that the sunshine is bringing brighter days.

Ocean Spray

Ocean spray and light leaks.

Again, the magic of the forest was caught in this photo. Ocean spray is common throughout the PNW and the fluff was captured in this photo.

With film, details are heightened and accentuated. There are many reflections that occur when this art is captured and when we are able to see them later.


While at Shambhala music festival during a sunrise walkabout. This photo was taken on psychedelic blues film and highlights the beauty found on the farm- a different perspective.



An ecosystem within one tree. Epiphytes are a type of plant group that must grow on others in order to survive. This photo was taken in the Cloud Forest, Costa Rica and shows the symbiosis that nature takes to flourish. Connection is everything.


foxglove flowers are also known as the genus Digitalis. This solo beauty was spotted somewhere on a path in Tofino, B.C. Poisonous but potent little beings. They sway so sweetly in the island breeze.


Magic is found in the most unlikely places. Clouds and crescent moons over Basscoast festival during the “Space” themed year.

Merritt, B.C.


You are entirely up to you.

Breathe~ let it all in and enjoy the process.

The final hours of light before darkness in Uvita, Costa Rica.

 Sunset over the horizon

The edge is where uncertainty lies. Tomorrow is a new day and for now, we can enjoy the warmth that the sun provides.

The fire leaving a smile for a few final hours at Envision, Uvita, Costa Rica ⊙



Thank you. See you next time!

Love Hajey 

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