Routine + Ritual: 31 Days of Movement & Wellness | OCTOBER CHALLENGE


October Challenge - Let's go!


Routine + Ritual: 31 Days of Movement & Wellness


Join us for an October challenge… To recommit to your body, mind, heart, and soul! 

This month, many people choose to dive into their health by eliminating alcohol from their daily lives! #soberoctober #rockon

In the spirit of seasonal changes and health initiatives, we want to support you to get back to your mat, to your wellness practices, and to love your body up!


Two ways for you to participate:

YouTube (get to know us through short practices! - totally free!)


Join us live on YouTube (accessible to all!) for 31 days of short practices, posture tips, pose breakdowns, and self care routines to leave you feeling alive and full again.

Each day, the teachers of Daily Ritual are going to hop on live to share with you part of their journey and reasons for why they practice... To inspire and weave in more depth for your own practice.

These live offering will be offered through our Daily Ritual YouTube channel, available for you to tune in anytime.

Find our YouTube channel by clicking the photo below... And make sure to subscribe to be notified of new videos each day.


Follow our Instagram channel where we will be sharing our favourite fall rituals for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being and health.


Daily Ritual IN-(online)-STUDIO October Challenge


If you want to join us in our online studio to practice with us in real time and SUPER dedicate yourself to your most vital being- we have created a dope offer valid for the month of October.

$44 USD Routine + Ritual Use this link to catch $33 off your first month with us + commit to your practice & move your body every day!

For those who complete our in studio 31 day challenge, you will be entered to win 3 months free to practice with us through the winter months.


For the month of October, we want to make practice and wellness as accessible as possible. 

We hope to see you via YouTube or in our online studio... Raising the vibration in ourselves... To be the change we want to EMBODY in the world. 


We hope you will join us! 

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to YouTube to stay in the loop and learn all the ways to love up on yourself.