Primal Movement: Finding Alignment + Balancing Your Anterior & Posterior Chains

In primal movement, we are working to move with the natural alignment of our spine. Working with a more natural, springy alignment, we cultivate balanced tone- all sides of the body engaging holistically for functional movement. 


In our daily lives and in our practices, oftentimes we cultivate movement patterns that are out of harmony. 

The anterior chains of the body tend to work harder than the posterior chains of the body, and this imbalance can lead to injury and ailment. 


By teaching our body to engage in an even and balanced way, we invite whole body integration and optimize our body to move in an intelligent and healthy way. 

Through alignment of the spine, learning to engage the posterior chain in balance with the anterior chain, and cultivating even tension and tone- we begin to move through space in a more integrated and holistic way. 


When we are moving out of alignment- our body suffers. When we are not engaging the back of the body in balance with the front of the body- we become imbalanced. This leads to certain parts of the body compensating for other parts of the body… And ultimately, if this pattern continues, the body begins to break down. 

We see this pattern most often in the relationship between the quadriceps and the gluteal muscles. When the glutes (posterior chain) are not engaging in a functional way, the quads (anterior chain) often compensate and over-work. This leads to an imbalance front to back. Oftentimes, we experience this as tight hips, knees, or lower back tension or pain. When the quads are over-working, the anterior chain of the body is becoming more tight. This creates imbalanced tension in the anterior chain. By learning to recruit the glutes, we often release and relieve the tightness in hips, knees, ankles, and alleviate lower back pain. 


Learning to recruit the glutes begins with cultivating strong roots. From the foot all the way up to the glutes, maintaining the paw (toe pads + mounds) connection as well as a springy form with the hips behind the heart- we are able to invite the glutes to engage in a functional way. 


Learning to engage the posterior chains in a functional way will revolutionize the way you move. Your practice will become strong, light, and agile. You will feel powerful in your movements and experience physical balance, inside and out. 


To learn more about this alignment, recruiting your glutes, and activating your posterior chain for optimized, balanced movement- join us on Daily Ritual

Your body will thank you- say goodbye to injury, ailment, and call in more harmonious balance in your body!