Why We Choose Live Online Classes

A few of our clients have asked us if we are willing to create a library of the recorded live classes we teach in case the live class times do not align with their schedule.


I want to dive into this a little bit! 


Our community is founded on the principle: connection is everything. Our initial intention was to cultivate real connections with real people through an online platform.


Daily Ritual was created based on the realization that online classes via zoom or other video conferencing were hugely successful in terms of delivery, accuracy, efficiency, and connection building. 


We know there are a lot of online studios whose primary offering is pre-recorded content. There is no shortage of information, content, and videos online. You can hop on YouTube- where any thing you could ever want to know is easily accessible- and at no cost. 


At Daily Ritual, we are dedicated to the success, alignment, and healthy growth of our students. We think it is super important to be able to see how our students are moving, make adjustments and corrections where necessary, and connect with each other.

Humans thrive when they feel supported, loved, and seen. 


Live classes require accountability! How many times have you put on a YouTube video only to get through about 5 minutes before running away to something else. Live classes require your commitment and presence.

We believe in commitment and presence, and we know your success depends on accountability.   


Your time is valuable and we also know how valuable it is to prioritize your daily practice. 

By having an online offering, we hope we have reduced the amount of time it requires for you to attend a live class. Reducing not only your carbon footprint, but also reducing the amount of time it requires you to (be early!), drive to a studio, park, get into your class, take the class, and then repeat the process to get home.

We are not fast food yoga… But we have reduced the time required to be present for a class. We feel good about this! 


Offering our recorded live classes doesn’t feel in alignment with our original intention. Because there is so much pre-recorded content online, we know that our mission is strong. Plus, a pre-recorded class simply does not compare to a live class. The energy is not the same! 

We can’t guarantee the quality of our recorded offerings, the care and attention to your practice, nor the consent and privacy of our students. For these reasons- we are sticking with our main vision. 

If you miss all live class options- please check out our YouTube Channel | Daily Ritual! We have a growing collection of offerings from our teachers. It will not be the same as our live classes (which are so damn fun) but it will move you! 


The original intention of Daily Ritual was to create real, live connections through an online community. Real teachers, real students. Teachers who teach to their students and who cultivate authentic relationships, trust, and love. 


We hope that our vision resonates with you. 


Real connections. Accountability. Commitment. Presence. Trust. 


We love you guys and we are always open to considering new times that might work for you! 

Reach out if you need more support! 


Much LOVE!


Elisha + Daily Ritual Loves You!