What Is It About Handstands?

Handstands are one of my favourite things to teach. Let me tell you why. 

I love handstands! So damn much. Being in a handstand is bliss. Every single day, I hop into one! There have been moments in my life where its possible that I was on my hands more than my feet! 

Landing your first handstand is pretty damn cool. For many, like me, it’s elusive… It’s challenging… It’s almost impossible! Until one day…

But anyways- this isn’t my point.

The coolest part about a handstand is not the handstand at all. The best part is actually the journey to the handstand! 

When we show up to our yoga mat… We sign up for a journey. It is often physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Sometimes the practice is a soft, gentle, and nourishing journey, and sometimes it’s a bit more intense, rigorous, and challenging.

Having soft, gentle practices to tap into are so important- especially these days when we are hyper-stimulated and on overdrive so much of the time! Grounding down and calming our parasympathetic nervous system is invaluable. In fact, it’s crucial for our health and well-being.

And we live in a high stress world. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to escape it!

This is why it’s so important to meet stress on the mat, to meet challenging experiences… to meet our fear and struggle while- on the mat! And from this space, held in love and grace, find tools to help us step into our discomfort… and just breathe.

You see- it’s not about the handstand.

It’s about how you show up to try it. It’s about how you engage with the play. It’s about meeting the challenge with lightness, curiosity, and fun! It’s about recognizing your triggers and resistance and moving toward them with courage, humility and vulnerability.

Challenging poses, practices, and obstacles- when met on the safe space of your mat- are tools to help you learn how to navigate your life with more peace. More grace. More lightness.

Handstands can be scary. We create a lot of stories as to why we aren’t able to get into them: not strong enough, not aligned enough, pain here, pain there, weak arms, weak legs… whatever it is.

But the number one reason why I see that most do not find a handstand is because of their fear.

Fear of embarrassment. Fear of failure. Fear of falling.

The biggest thing we can gain from practicing handstands is learning to show up despite our mental stories. To show up and just try! You are enough.

You might fall. You might fail. You might feel embarrassed. And nothing will feel better than allowing yourself the space to meet yourself where you are, to step into the ring to play, to be brave, to try and fail and try again.

Learning handstands cultivates a growth mindset. It shows you the power of getting out of your own way. Handstands help you to move past your mental fear blocks and step into the space where magic, possibility, and potential play. Life isn’t so scary, so serious, so dangerous. When we realize our true potential… When we hop past our own limiting beliefs- Watch as you land that handstand.

And then you will be addicted to them, just like me.

It’s not about a handstand. It’s about everything you learn about yourself along the way.

It’s about the skills and courage and growth you achieve… Without even realizing you’re doing that “inner work” at all!

So, handstands?