Fascia + Movement - It Matters!

Lately, fascia is a hot topic when it comes to biomechanics and anatomy of the body, and with good reason! This interconnected and holistic system of connective tissue is informing, communicating, and holding the tension and integrity of our physical body structure.

Here are my top three reasons why fascia is so dope:

>> Fascia has changed the way we understand biomechanics and functional mobility.

Where once we understood the body as a compressive, stacked structure, separated into isolated parts, we now understand the body as a holistic, integrated, and interconnected tensegrity system.

In past concepts of body mechanics, we thought that the bones needed to be stacked for optimal alignment and to maintain proper structure and function. However, this is no longer accurate. Now we understand that the bones are essentially floating struts in a network of fascial connective tissues, tendons and ligaments. This changes the idea that our bones are stacking on top of each other and works with the concept of the bones stretching outward into the myofascia to create more space, tension, and tone throughout the body and between the bones. “Tensegrity structures are strong, lightweight, and resilient. They are able to change shape with minimum effort and return to their original stable space of equilibrium. They are materially and energetically efficient and have non-linear, visco-elastic type properties.” Which is exactly like the human body! Strong, lightweight, and visco-elastic fascial network systems!


>> Fascia teaches us to move as an integrated and holistic system.

Fascia forms a whole body, continuous, three dimensional connective tissue matrix of structural and functional support. Fascia is the largest organ in the body, interpenetrating, weaving, and surrounding all organs, muscles, bones, nerve fibers… connecting every single part of the body in a viscous and fibrous connective tissue webbing that serves as a communication and functioning system for the entire body system.

Fascia is made up of fibrous connective tissue containing bundles of collagen fibers organized in a wavy pattern parallel to the direction of pull, creating a tensegrity system. Tensegrity is the tension and integrity (holistic and whole tension and tone) of a system, elastic and moldable in nature.

Fascia informs us that we are not moving in isolated parts, but rather as a whole, integrated, interconnected system. Working with the body as a holistic system versus a compartmentalized structure teaches us that all parts are affecting and influencing each other. This is a huge advancement in biomechanical thought regarding the body. Moving the body, all parts affecting and influencing each other changes how we understand our physical movement and body experience.

>> Fascia brings awareness to our pain, injury, and ailment through understanding of uniform myofascial engagement and holistic tone.

When we experience pain, injury, or ailment, especially knowing that all parts of the body are connected and influencing each other, we bring more awareness to a need for balance. Oftentimes, when one part of the body is compromised, it means that other parts of the body are over working or underworking… And the weakest link is negatively affected. Through alignment, posture, and rebalancing the anterior with the posterior chains of the body- we are able to bring harmony and balance back to the physical body system. Learning to achieve a uniform myofascial tone with holistic, integrated engagement (all parts engaging in an integrated and balanced way)- we are able to bring balance back to the body, which always feels good!


In our primal movement classes on Daily Ritual, we move the body with awareness of our holistic interconnectivity and myofascial tensegrity. By engaging all parts of the body in a balanced and integrated way, the body is able to function optimally, increase strength, and experience amazing lightness and agility. Balancing the posterior and anterior chains of the body and cultivating uniform myofascial tone results in eliminating injury and ailment and bringing the body back to its best fitness and vitality.

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