Cocoon to Fly by Hajer

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2020

Being locked up isn’t the most fun but maybe that’s the wrong attitude…

This time is very reflective of a cocoon- nurture yourself because in the end, all you have is your brain & body.

Incubation allows for creation. The quarantine that we are seeing worldwide gives an opportunity for growth, rediscovery & enlightenment. Spark your inner fire & let it flourish. 

Like a butterfly metamorphosis - or a newborn learning how to walk and a bird learning to use its wings. Take time, breathe, and pick yourself up.

There’s so much beauty in the uncertainty. There is so much potential and possibility! It is what brings us all together as a species, as a collective, as a collective consciousness.

Now that it has been over a month, how do you feel? Take time to ponder your privileges and know that if you have a roof over your head, a nice warm bed & food on the table- you are so lucky. There are many people who don’t have this. May we...

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The Ritual Of Creating Nature Mandalas

Nature Mandalas


We are moving into a new energy. An energy that holds us all connected, thriving, and living from the heart for the goodness of all. This new energy promotes a win-win living system. It works with collaboration, unity, harmony, connection, and care for all beings. We are moving into a higher vibration, and it sources from Love. 

Mandala comes from the Sanskrit meaning “circle.” The circle holds the meaning of totality, wholeness, perfection, eternity, and timelessness. It is a sacred container, teaching the nature of cyclic movement and infinite capacity. It represents the space within and the vast, uncontained space without. 

Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity, harmony, and peace. 

When we create these special nature mandalas: we tap into our personal, intuitive inspiration. The act of creating these mandalas taps us into this special energy that radiates love and intention from the center of our...

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Spring Blooms by Hajer

Sometimes the moments are just too sweet.

With this, mindfulness comes into play: Create. Dream. Love.

I find solace in film photography. It is an art form that brings me closer to nature and to my roots.

The grain within the images allows for a detailed view behind the lens… Nature and fractals are my favourite.

Over the next few weeks, I will be highlighting some of these captures and giving some interesting biological insight as to why these moments captured my spirit.

Look forward to lots of rainbows and wildness. My hope is to to brighten the day! All the best kitty kats. Meow meow meow!



The forest holds so much magic. Though there is so much darkness within the canopy, sometimes the light shines in long enough to allow the smallest ones to grow.

This photo was taken in Gowland Todd park and shows fractalized fiddleheads starting their life journey. Fiddleheads are baby ferns, which are one of the oldest plants known to Earth. These spiral...

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Daily Ritual: We Updated Our Systems!

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2020

Hi beautiful humans! 

We are committed to ensuring that you have the best user experience possible. We have recently upgraded our system flow. 


Some new features: 

  1. the schedule is now alive
  2. the schedule is intuitive; it will adjust to your time zone. 


Important changes: 


** Please clear your cache, browsing history etc. This will ensure that you are brought to the new website! 


We are working with Zoom again. We just love this software, it is the most user friendly and we think the video quality is the best. 

Please download at zoom.us/download or join from the browser. This app is highly intuitive, but if you have any questions or concerns, let us know. 


You will register for classes every time. Once you register: please check your email. This is where you will receive the link to join the class. 

You must register before the start of the class. The...

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DR: Credo & New Beginnings

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2020

Daily Ritual:

To bridge the gap of distance and eliminate the illusion of time.
To create more meaningful connections with citizens across the globe.
To make movement, wellness, and healing practices more accessible to everyone, everywhere.
To move, and be moved, in all directions.
To unite, with radiant, beaming hearts, to share, to hold, to support, and to love...
May these beginnings be blessed by all our helpers, angels, and guides.

May we collectively create the most precious space held in great care and divine presence for the betterment of humankind, all beings, mother earth, and our unified consciousness.

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