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DAILY RITUAL Corporate Yoga + Wellness | 12 Reasons You Need Yoga + Wellness in Your Workplace

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2021

12 Reasons You Need Yoga + Wellness in Your Workplace


We believe in the power of yoga and wellness practices in the workplace to reduce stress and anxiety, increase fitness and overall health and wellness, and boost morale, happiness, creativity, focus, and improve performance from employees. 

Check out this list which will help to confirm why you need to integrate a wellness program into your business. It is a win win for both employee and employer! 



Our sitting culture and sedentary lifestyles have created quite a dilemma for our bodies, which were designed to move! Many of us find ourselves sitting at our desks all day in our workplace. To increase energy and motivation, it is essential to integrate movement into the workplace. Movement increases blood flow and circulation which reduces fatigue and uplifts energy, creating a much needed revitalization to your employees performance.


It’s no surprise that employees experience stress from long work hours, tight deadlines, and performance based pressure in the workplace. Stress absolutely affects workplaces productivity and employee health. Stress is a huge contributor to employee absenteeism, turnover, workplace accidents, and can even lead to decreased productivity. This is why it is imperative for employers and employees to adopt ways to reduce stress in the workplace. Introducing yoga and wellness programs into the workplace is a beautiful way to integrate practices into your employees lives that will help them to reduce their stress levels. It has been proven that yoga, meditation, and wellness practices reduce cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone. 


When we feel good about ourselves, we exude confidence. Physical fitness is closely linked to improved vitality and performance. Improving muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, and mental health is a huge benefit to employees and employers alike. Looking good and feeling good contribute to a positive, performance driven workplace. 


Our sitting culture has seriously impacted our energy and ability to function pain free. Postural awareness and correction can help with increasing vitality and reducing injury and ailment such as neck, back, and hip pain, that tends to be epidemic amongst the employees in the workforce.


It can’t be understated how important it is to maintain a highly functioning and healthy immune system. Integrating yoga and wellness practices into the workplace is beneficial to your employees: body, mind, heart, soul. Movement, yoga, and wellness practices strengthen immunity through stimulation of the lymphatic system, blood circulation, breath oxygenation, and teaches clients to regulate their nervous systems which helps them to remain calm, clear, and collected.


Movement stimulates blood circulation in the whole body and brain. This body and brain boost generates alert, focused, productive mind power. Instilling mindfulness in the workplace creates still and focused minds through meditation and moving meditation. 


Breath is life. By increasing lung capacity, we increase oxygen in the body, which increases energy and general well-being. Lack of oxygen can cause nausea, headaches, tiredness, restlessness, lack of coordination, and confusion. Breathing is a skill, and creating space for employees to purposefully breathe amplifies their ability to show up and perform well. 


Yoga + movement is a mood booster! Physical activity of all shapes and sizes triggers a release of dopamine and serotonin which improves mood and makes us feel good! Exercise is one of the best drugs out there, and will benefit the mood and vibe of the entire workspace. Happy employees reach happy clients, and consequently, everyone thrives in this kind of environment. 


Research shows that play, specifically spontaneity, creates new neural pathways in the brain resulting in more creative ideas and inspiration. Employees who practice yoga and incorporate playful activities into their day increase their capacity to innovate, create, and adapt to tasks at hand. 


On + off the mat, cultivating skills to increase flexibility in mind and body is essential for high performing employees. Increasing flexibility helps employees to experience less body aching and supports the relief of joint pain. 


Supporting healthy lifestyles that reduce stress and increase overall well being ultimately supports your business. Healthy employees will have less sick days, mentally and physically, and will be fit to show up with energy, stamina, and strength as integral assets to your business.


Yoga and wellness practices benefit not only the physical health of your employees but also benefit the workplace in many ways. Yoga increases energy levels, boosts employee morale, and generates a workspace environment that helps them to maintain productivity, focus, and overall workplace enjoyment and satisfaction. When your employees are free of pain and health problems, they will be present more often, in mind and body, and you can expect and look forward to focused, attentive, and positive humans working in a feel good environment for all.


Learn more about creating a yoga and wellness program for your team and find out all the ways it will benefit you and your company! 

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