Ritual creates space for daily movement.

When we move our bodies, we feel just how connected we are. To our minds, to our bodies, to others, to the environment. 

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” Rituals are the habit of ceremony- the space where magic is created.

We are so excited to bring you on this 5 day journey. A journey to explore what’s possible when you commit to your potential. A commitment to yourself. Creating rituals that support your highest success + most beautiful transformation.


What’s included in the 5 Days of Ritual?


Starting January 4, we’ll show you the multi-dimensional and multifaceted magic that happens inside DailyRitual.Live, our online movement and wellness studio. 

This is a dedicated space to explore the power of movement, ritual, and community.

During the 5 day challenge: 

  • Learn how movement is the key to transformation and success
  • Reframe movement from something you just DO to who you ARE
  • Move like a panther: natural, primal, feline + the power of play
  • Become an empowered healer of your body, mind, and heart
  • Be the energy you want to attract + manifest your dreams into reality
  • Uncover some tools and tricks to help support your highest potential, from nutrition and plant medicine, moon cycles and meditation, to emotional well-being, neurology + so much more
  • Learn about the regenerative movement, getting back to nature, and the natural rhythms of the universe
  • Tap into the sacred nature of community 
  • Unite with like-minded individuals, who are all wild about movement, growth, and saving the world
  • And so much more!

This 5 day challenge is…

…a high-frequency exploration

…a playground for you to get curious about the possibilities 

…a chance to tap into how movement, community, and conscious culture can up-lift + up-level your life.

Often, our focus is on doing more, but ultimately, if we want to make ripples and shift our reality we need to be more. This is where the true transformation lies, this is where the magic happens. 


This challenge will help you understand your true, innate potential so you can raise your frequency to call in everything you desire: mind, body, heart, and soul.

Join The Challenge!

Each day, we’ll cover a new facet to guide your transformation:


Monday, January 4 | EARTH: Root to Rise

  • 8am PST - Intro to Primal Movement w/ Jenna
  • 11am PST - Strong Roots + Recruiting Your Glutes w/ Elisha
  • 12pm PST - Basics w/ Nicole
  • 3pm PST- Eliminating Pain in Your Body w/ Tara
  • 6pm PST- Primal Movement w/ Britt


Tuesday, January 5 | AIR: Mind is All

  • 8am PST - Gut/ Brain Axis Conversation w/ Britt
  • 12pm PST - Functional Movement for Everyday Life w/ Nicole
  • 2pm PST - Mindset + Manifestation w/ Elisha
  • 4pm PST - Slow Meows w/ Elisha
  • 6pm PST - Somatic (R)evolution w/ Cecilia


Wednesday, January 6 | FIRE: Movement is the Catalyst for all Transformation

  • 8am PST - NeuroFlow w/ Britt
  • 10am PST - Alignment: Integration + Coherence for Integrity w/ Elisha
  • 12pm PST - Slow + Restore w/ Elisha
  • 4pm PST - Spine Health | Talk + Practice w/ Tara
  • 7pm PST - Primal Movement w/ Tara


Thursday, January 7 | WATER: Connection is Everything

  • 8am PST - Creativity and Visioning as a Form of Self-Care w/ Hajer
  • 10am PST - Aloha Flow w/ Winnie
  • 12pm PST - 13 Moon Calendar Intro Workshop w/ Winnie
  • 3pm PST - Emotional Resilience w/ Cecilia
  • 5pm PST - Fascia + Water Flow w/ Elisha


Friday, January 8 | ETHER: Your Potential is Infinite

  • 7am PST - Somatic (R)evolution w/ Cecilia
  • 9am PST - Friday Juice Flow w/ Elisha
  • 11am PST - Breathwork is DOPE: Here’s why!  w/ Elisha
  • 12pm PST - Handstands w/ Elisha
  • 5pm PST- Sleep Easy, Rest Well w/ Jenna


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Join 5 Days of Ritual

Movement is a lifestyle.

It is the best way to raise your vibration, transform your life, and reach your highest potential.

We’re here to help you create the most nourishing and elevating rituals and habits, rituals to support you to thrive. This community will tap you into multidimensional greatness. Not only will you learn how to move like a panther, but you will also raise your frequency — inside to out… So that you begin to attract the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Be more to have more. It’s an inside job. If you are ready to create an identity as a mover, uncover the inner work that will support your goals, and transform…


Our gift to you to support your transformational journey.